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   VentureStar - Summary
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The VentureStar Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO) launch vehicle is the commercial follow-on to the X-33 Technology Demonstrator.  VentureStar is an independent, commercial Limited Liability Company (LLC) founded with Lockheed Martin seed money.  VentureStar LLC will develop and operate the VentureStar SSTO to serve the commercial and government markets.  The VentureStar vehicle is designed to place up to 50,000 lb of payload in a LEO orbit and 15,000 lb in a GTO orbit. 


The VentureStar vehicle will build upon the technological innovations developed for the X-33 demonstrator.  Like the X-33, VentureStar will be a vertical take-off / horizontal landing lifting body vehicle employing the Boeing Linear Aerospike RS-2200 engine.  The vehicle will have two composite hydrogen tanks located aft with an external 15 x 50 foot shuttle-sized payload bay.  At this point, it is unclear whether the single liquid oxygen tank, located in the nose of the vehicle, will be fabricated out of aluminum or composite.

Prime Contractor: Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
Point of Contact:  
Launch Sites: TBD
Web Links: VentureStar Web Site

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