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Boeing Contracted to Build Superbird 6

Boeing Satellite Systems signed a contract on September 28, 2001 with Space Communications Corporation (SCC) of Tokyo, Japan for a BSS 601 communications satellite. The satellite, Superbird 6, is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2003. SCC will select the launch vehicle at a later date. Financial details were not disclosed.

Superbird 6, to be located at 158E, will provide business telecommunication services using Japan Beam and Steerable Beam. The satellite will carry 23 Ku-band transponders and four Ka-band transponders.

Space Communications Corporation (SCC), a Japanese satellite communications service company, was established in 1985 by Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO), and other Mitsubishi Group Companies. SCC now operates four communications satellites named Superbird A, B2, C, and 4 (D) at four orbital slot.

Superbird is the name of the series of high-performance communications satellites owned and operated by SCC.



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October 3, 2001

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