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Dr. Dana Andrews (Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer):  Dana Andrews joined Andrews Space as Chief Technology Officer in March 2000 after almost 34 years service with the Boeing Company.  For the past two years at Boeing he has been in Southern California as Director of Reusable Launch Systems for the Boeing Phantom Works, where he oversaw the Boeing TSTO RLV, Future-X, Military Space Plane, and Solar-Thermal Orbital Transfer Vehicle (SOTV) programs.  Prior to that he was in Boeing Aerospace Group in Seattle where his responsibilities included: oversight of the Boeing Air-Launch Studies 1996-98, Chief Engineer for the Boeing side of the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing team X-33/RLV 1995-96, initiated and managed the Boeing team for the Commercial Space Transportation Study (CSTS) 1993-94, Program Manager for the 1990 to 1991 BMDO SSTO Study, Functional Manager for Aerodynamics for the Boeing Aerospace Group 1987-89, Boeing Habitation Module Manager for International Space Station Program in Huntsville, AL 1985-87, and Program Manager for the Aero-Assisted Orbital Transfer Vehicle (AOTV) 1982-85.  Dr. Andrews also has an extensive background with the Boeing Company in aircraft design (1967-68 & 1974-78) and advanced propulsion (1968-74 & 1980-81).

Dr. Andrews currently serves as Chairman of the Space Transportation Committee of the International Astronautics Federation (IAF), which is the international organization of national societies for astronautics (AIAA is a member).  He is the past Chairman of the Space Transportation Technical Committee of the AIAA (1998-99), and a member of both the IAF Interstellar Exploration and the AIAA Advanced Propulsion technical committees.  He has published approximately 30 papers dealing with space transportation and advanced propulsion.  He holds three patents on space transportation devices and is the co-inventor of the magnetic sail (Magsail) with Robert Zubrin.

Dr. Andrews graduated with a B.S. in Aeronautics & Astronautics from the University of Washington in 1966, with a M.S. in Aeronautics & Astronautics from the California Institute of Technology in 1967, and with a PhD. in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University in 1974.  His experimental thesis demonstrated measuring the size and velocity of particles in a rocket exhaust by using laser backscatter.

Email:  dandrews@spaceandtech.com

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  Over the past eighteen months, Andrews Space & Technology has developed a Two-Stage to Orbit (TSTO) reusable launch vehicle architecture, using internal funds, built around its "Alchemist" Air Collection and Enrichment System (ACES) technology. AS&T is currently conducting a feasibility assessment of its "Alchemist" ACES under NASA's NRA8-30.

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